"The human being consists of a Force which was created out of movement. Eurythmy is a continuation of this Divine Movement. Through Eurythmy, the human being comes closer to this Divine Movement as is ever possible without it." -Rudolf Steiner

Eurythmy is a movement art which uses the whole body as an instrument to express both speech and music. The word eurythmy stems from Greek roots meaning beautiful or harmonious rhythm.

Eurythmy has three fields: artistic performance, pedagogical work in schools, and movement therapy. The art of eurythmy began in the early 1900s, a time of universal artistic innovation, through the work of Rudolf Steiner, Marie Steiner, and a group of young women.

The Rudolf Steiner Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Chicago has always supported eurythmy. Classes are offered for adults as well as homeschool classes for children. Eurythmy is included in several of the study groups that meet at the branch and is included in all the seasonal festival celebrations of the branch.

Eurythmy is not only enjoyable, but is also nourishing and invigorating to our bodies, minds, and overall well-being. Eurythmy is natural movement, fun and fascinating to learn, and anyone can join in. It is inherently a social art. The joy of experiencing eurythmy is an opportunity for dynamic participation in community.

“When people do Eurythmy the physical organism becomes, through the eurythmic movements, a receptive organ for the spiritual world for the movements come from there.” - Rudolf Steiner


Things children say:

You should do your Eurythmy. You’ll feel better!”
“I had to do my Eurythmy at the airport so I wasn’t afraid of being so crowded.”


“I feel completely alive when I do my Eurythmy exercises. It makes me feel in charge of my own health”