Shared Spaces 

Community Use of Rudolf Steiner Branch Building

When human beings meet together seeking the spirit with unity of purpose, then they will also find their way to each other... –Rudolf Steiner

As a non-profit organization, Rudolf Steiner Branch relies on the generosity of its members and friends to support the preservation and conservation of the Branch building.  The Branch has initiated a pilot program utilizing Co-Working Shared Space Agreements as a structured way for individuals and small groups to use the Branch building for creative initiatives and endeavors that are aligned with the mission of the Branch. Members and friends of the Branch are warmly welcome and encouraged to use the Branch building for anthroposophically-informed study groups, festivals, workshops, classes, conferences, and other activities. Individuals and groups utilizing the Rudolf Steiner Branch building are doing so in the context of the mission, vision, guiding principles, and social agreements of the Branch, as outlined below. 

For more information, and If you are interested in utilizing and requesting Branch space, please read on! 

What is the process for requesting a Shared Space?

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