Dear Friends, 

The Programs organized by the Program Committee of our Branch are designed to familiarize our members and friends with the content of Spiritual Science and give them more familiarity with the essence of Anthroposophy.

We strive to provide our audience with the best teachers and practitioners in the field of Anthroposophy from around the world, who share their latest Spiritual Scientific research in the fields of medicine, agriculture, natural science, pedagogy, meditation, the arts, and more. Many of them have given presentations via Zoom to our memberships and friends this past year and plan to offer additional lectures hosted by our Branch in the near future.

One of our goals is to create a worldwide informal community of friends of Anthroposophy. Our audience includes members and friends of the Anthroposophical Society not only from our Chicago Branch, but from all over the world - USA, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Philippines, Russia, Japan, India, and many other countries.

                                   Andrei Onegin, Program Director.

We warmly invite you to attend any and all of these presentations.  Please consult our Calendar for the upcoming schedule.  Additionally, we have recorded many of our past presentations and have uploaded them to our YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to watch unlisted videos.

It is through the generous donations of our attendees that we are able to continue to bring these inspiring and thought-provoking speakers to our engaged and enthusiastic members and friends.  Often there are suggested contributions, but we welcome and appreciate any offering.  Donations can be made at the time of the presentation or by going to our Donation page.

Thank you for your interest and support!  We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

"When we take interest in another being, empathy awakens in the right way.  When, as anthroposophists, we set out to extend our interest ever further, widening our mental horizon, we promote a universal brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind."  

--Rudolf Steiner, St. Francis Lecture III, 1912

Past Programs

 Dear Friends, lectures are free,

 $10 suggested contributions per presentation,

Please type name of presenter on the first line of your payment application. 

To make your payment, please, follow the link (deb./credit card or PayPal)

Healing power of Spirit.  Physical, soul and social diseases and realization of cognitive capacities by Tatiana Pavlova 

"The Class of 2033: Waldorf at War."  by Eugene Schwartz 

The Renewal of the Mysteries of the Holy Grail and The Most Important Event of our Time by Florian Sydow. 

"Approaching the Threshold" workshop #8 of Experiential ONLINE Series by  Are Thoresen 

Being Magi: When the Student Pursues the Master Will Appear by Lelan Harris & Alison Meredith 

"Ask in my name" - an exploration of Christian prayer by rev. Jeana Lee. 

The Fire and the Foundation Stone in the Light of the Calendar of the Soul by Richard Steel 

The Logos Mysteries from Ephesus to the First Goetheanum - by Florian Sydow, Hawaii 

The world-historical aspect of the Christmas Conference ... by Richard Ramsbotham, UK 

The Redemption of Cain by Andrew Linnell 

Day into Night. Night into Day What makes these Nights 'Holy'? by rev. Craig Wiggins 

"Approaching the Threshold" - workshop #7 of Experiential ONLINE Series by Are Thoresen 

Rudolf Steiner, Emanuel Swedenborg and Johannes Thomasius Spiritual Science and "Waking-Dreaming" (Hypnagogia)

 by Richard Ramsbotham, UK 

Own Lights and Folk Souls The Anthroposophical Society as part of current history by Christopher Houghton Budd 

The World Is Continually Dying In Light... by Lelan Harris and Alison Meredith 

"Years That Answer" - lecture by Eugene Schwartz 

Chasing Away Evil, A Halloween Tradition by Andrew Linnell. 

Identity: The Battlefield and Superpower of Humanity by John Beck 

The Initiation of Humanity and the Collective Crossing of the Florian Sydow 

"Approaching the Threshold" workshop #6 of Experiential ONLINE Series by Are Thoresen 

Michaelmas and the Calendar of the Soul - Soul Breathing and World Breathing ... by Richard Steel. 

The Path of “Feeling Self-Knowledge" by R. Steel. 

The Healing Connections of Karl König, Ita Wegman, and Kaspar Hauser by R. Steel. 

What Can the Calendar of the Soul Tell us for Waldorf by R. Steel 

The Calendar of the Soul and Karl König’s Drawings by Richard Steel 

Rudolf Steiner’s Use of the Mandala Principle by Van James 

"Approaching the Threshold" workshop #5 by   Are Thoresen 

THE PROSPECTS FOR A WHOLISTIC GEOMETRY - Presentation by Russell Arnold, PhD 

To Be' Festival Creating:  Mysteries of Fire and Water for St. John's 2023 with Mary Stewart Adams. 

"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." by Florian Sydow. 

"Approaching the Threshold", workshop #4 by Are Thoresen 

From Major to Minor, Without Rudolf Steiner by Eugene Schwartz 

Introduction to a Study of the Stars as a Cultural Art - workshop by Mary Stewart Adams 

Introduction to a Study of the Stars as a Cultural Art lecture by Mary Stewart Adams 


Has AI Come of Age? If So, Do We Give Him or Her the Keys? By Andrew Linnell. 

"Approaching the Threshold". Workshop #3  by Are Thoresen 

Parzival- The Birth of a New Possibility by Lisa Romero and Seamus Maynard. Speech & Drama Workshop 

The Passing Of Arthur by Séamus Maynard 

"Approaching the Threshold" workshop #2 of Experiential ONLINE Series by Are Thoresen 

"The development of the human soul – the foundation stone meditation given by Rudolf Steiner” by M.Girke (Med. Section, Goetheanum) 

"From Celebrating Three Kings Day and Epiphany to Preparing the Sixth Cultural Age" by Florian Sydow 

"Hiram Abiff and the Birth of Christ" by Andrew Linnell 

"NEW YEAR 1923 to NEW YEAR 2023" by Richard Ramsbotham (UK) 

 "Engaging and Experiencing the Hidden Holy Night Burning of the First Goetheanum: Northern and Southern Hemisphere Perspectives" 

by Lelan Harris (USA) & Alison Meredith (New Zealand) 

"Mercury 1922-2022"   by Mary Stewart Adams 

 "WE ARE becomes I AM inspires the new WE ARE." by rev. Craig Wiggins 

The 'Envy of the Gods' - The 'Envy of Human Beings' Presented by Adriana Koulias. 

Prophecy, Promise, Path Pre-Christian Christmas by rev. Craig Wiggins,  

Communicating a New Global Culture by John Beck 

The Challenge of 2023 by John Beck       

"Approaching the Threshold". Workshop 1 by Are Thoresen                                                                                                            

 Lifting The Veil: Exploring The Mysteries of Good and Evil . Part II by Floryan Sydow                                                      

 "Sacred Geometry as Path to the Astral World" by Andrew Linnell.                                              

  "The Season of the Dead, in Three Acts" by Mary Stewart Adams
Lifting The Veil: Exploring The Mysteries of Good and Evil. Part I. by Florian Sydow
"Human tasks and spiritual possibilities in Michael time" by Tatiana Pavlova                                                                 

From Natural Science to Spiritual Science by Florian Sydow.                                                                               

Vidar, the Northern path of initiation and the three elemental realms by Are Thoresen                                                 

 Earth Human, Cosmic Human: Discovering Balance at the Solstice Extremes Lelan Harris Alison Meredith                                

 Seeking the Celestial Signature of the Year at St. John’s by Mary Stewart Adams.                                                

Transhumanism in the Light of Anthroposophy by Andrew Linnell.                                       

 Communion and the Logos with Andrew Wolpert, UK.                                                                             

Recalling the Sound of Divine Humor Laughing after (I mean, whilst still) Grappling with the Beasts by Margot Hodgson   

Venus and the Foundation Stone by Mery Sewart Adams 

Three More Years:  Reflections on Rudolf Steiner's Death Day by Eugene Schwartz

Courage: The Heart Connection. by Daniel Hafner                                                                                                          

  A Strategy for Engaging in the Great Spiritual Battle for the Future of the Earth and Humanity by Florian Sydow
Humanity as an Ideal: a Gift of Christmas by Johannes Kühl
From Bethlehem to Golgotha: Birthing Christ at Epiphany by Craig Wiggins
Breathing Raphael’s Madonnas with Andrew Linnell & Kristen Vasques
From Jesus to Christ - From Bethlehem to the River Jordan by Andrew Wolpert
The Guardian of the Threshold by Daniel Hafner
The Warmth for Health, Community Building and the Meditative Path in Anthroposophy by Matthias Girke MD
Cosmic Cult by Tatiana Pavlova
Combining the Most Genuine Inward Esotericism with the Greatest Conceivable Public Openness and Deeds by Lelan Harris
How Ahriman Thwarts Perception of Christ by Lelan Harris
The Social Power of Presence of Mind by Tatiana Pavlova
What is the importance of light for our health? by Matthias Girke
The Infantilization of Humanity by Daniel Hafner
Psyche healing out of spirit: spiritual and scientific basis of anthroposophical psychology by Tatiana Pavlova
Disiplies and Apostles: What does the journey from Easter to Whistun mean for us today? by Andrew Wolpert
From Land Stewardship to Climate Stewardship by Ueli Hurter
How can we approach the Elements and Ethers today? by Johannes Kühl
Natural Initiation - Everything Happens for a Reason by Lelan Harris
Beyond Forgiveness by Andrew Wolpert
The Prologue of the John Gospel: working from Christ Jesus by Craig Wiggins
Healing Mysteries and the Epiphany by Ross Rentea, MD, is available on the Lili Kolisko Institute website
The Prologue of the John Gospel: called by Jesus Christ by Craig Wiggins
A Birth Among Ruins by Andrew Linnell
Understanding the Healthy Culture of Earthly & Cosmic Nourishment with Yuriy Yurchenko, MD
Michael and Sophia Heavenly inspiration for Life on Earth by Rev. Craig Wiggins
The Present Age of Michael by Daniel Hafner
The Sacrifice of John the Baptist. by Daniel Hafner
Lazarus and the Easter Mystery by Daniel Hafner