Study Groups

Why Study?

“…We must purify our thinking and mould it into will. To this end we must make our individuality stronger and stronger, and this happens when we work our way through to pure thinking....Whoever works their way to pure thinking as I have described in my Philosophy of Freedom will find that this does not bring them simply to the possession of a few concepts which make up a philosophic system, but that it lays hold of their own individuality, of his pre-earthly existence” 

-Rudolf Steiner, The Younger Generation

The study of anthroposophy is a first step towards taking in hand the transformative substance within ourselves through our own power, which can lead to making ourselves free human beings. When people join together in community to study, it brings out the best qualities of the Consciousness Soul Age. We have an opportunity to take interest in the other, as well learn from the source material itself.  We grow by sharing ideas, and engaging in thoughtful discussions around the content of knowledge, which can inspire and guide individuals to take up a self-transformative process supported by their fellow seekers. This is an important part of embarking upon an inner training.*

There are many opportunities throughout each week to participate in study groups.  Individuals take initiative to form study groups around a shared interest in an anthroposophically related topic, book, or series of lectures. One individual usually serves as host and contact person for each group.

These groups typically meet on a weekly basis at an agreed upon time either in person, online, or in a hybrid format.  Sometimes people from other branches around the country join in hybrid study groups via Zoom.  

See the calendar for a schedule of the groups currently meeting, as well as the books they are studying.  You are welcome to contact the host directly to join any study group that interests you.  

There is no fee to participate in a study group, and many study books are available through our library, however, you may be interested in purchasing a book for yourself, and many of those books can be purchased through Steiner Books, Rudolf Steiner Press, or Rudolf Steiner Archive.

For more information, please see the following resource: 

Handbook for Groups and Branches of the Anthroposophical Society in America


"It is really important to come together to create community and to be in community when studying anthroposophy.  It's wonderful to share ideas and explore together.  Some of these concepts can be rather challenging or monumental and have great effect and import in our lives, so it can be really helpful to be together to discuss and to help impart wisdom, to share and grow together.  In study groups, I am always taking an interest in others, and participating in study groups actually gives me an opportunity to practice putting Rudolf Steiner's Six Basic Exercises into action.  In our time together, we can practice non-judgement, positivity, open-mindedness, exercising our will, etc." 

-Branch member