Welcome to the Rudolf Steiner Branch of Chicago library! We have been blessed by the generosity of Branch members and friends who have bestowed on us an amazing collection of Anthroposophic books, lectures and journals. Current members and friends who visit us at the Branch in Chicago are able to borrow books, following the posted guidelines.

Our extensive library has several sections:

  • Books and lecture series by Rudolf Steiner, in numerical order by GA (Gesamtausgabe)/ CW (Collected Works).

  • Curated collections of Rudolf Steiner’s works by theme. These books are labeled RSU, and are in alphabetical order by title.

  • Individual lectures by Rudolf Steiner, in numerical order by Schmidt number (a system whereby each individual lecture is identified).

  • Books by other authors, alphabetically by author’s last name, and then alphabetically by title.

The books described above are the books that are available on the open shelves of our library. Additional books and journals held for reference only, because they are in delicate condition, or irreplaceable, or not marked for circulation, are held in the Special Collection in the Branch office. These materials may be browsed or utilized by appointment only with the Branch librarian. Also available by appointment only are works by Rudolf Steiner in the original German.

Please stop by the Rudolf Steiner Branch-Chicago to peruse our extensive collection of outstanding books! Questions may be directed to the Branch librarian at