Space Information

Below are maps of the floor plans of the various spaces that are available, followed first by photos and some information about each area, then by a calendar specific to that area. If you see a space you like, view its respective calendar to see if it is available for the date(s) that you are interested.

Note: The calendar only represents fully approved and reserved events. It may not be up to date due to ongoing requests that haven't been finalized.

If you would like to schedule a visit, please let us know. Email us at The Shared Space Group will respond upon receipt of your request.

Please include your phone contact information. Thank you!

4249 North Lincoln


Downstairs Pictures

Upstairs Pictures

Room Calendars

4249 N Lincoln


Front Room


Open Space



East Private Room

West Private Room

Upper Room

4251 North Lincoln



Room Calendars

4251 N Lincoln

Front Room

Back Room

Middle Room